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Next Business Meeting is Saturday, October 14, 2023!
9:30am at Fruitd
ale Grange.

Joe Davis will teach "History of the Automobile until 1940" thru OLLI at SOU, this fall 10/12-11/16/2023
(as of 09/25/2023, there is only
**ONE** SEAT LEFT IN CLASS! Will that be YOU?!

See and Read about what the Club has been up to at
Photos & Articles - Our Events!

Last Updated 09/25/2023 


MAFCA recently awarded a coveted
50 year Gold Pin
to Art and Grace Peary for their
50 years of membership in the
Model A Club of America.

Congratulations Art and Grace!

Model A Touring - Always an Adventure!


Henry's Lady Chapter, MAFCA is a Model A Ford car club located in Grants Pass, Oregon. We received our charter from MAFCA in December 1983, and we're now enjoying our 40th year together.

The 1928-1931 Model A Ford is a historic part of the development of the American motor car and of the American heritage. Henry's Lady Chapter provides a forum for the exchange of information, ideas and parts. Our chapter is dedicated to the mutual assistance of its members. 

As one of over 280 chapters of the Model A Ford Club of America (MAFCA), the goal of Henry's Lady is to bring together owners and admirers of Model A Fords for the purpose of enhancing the enjoyment of the cars through fellowship and touring together.

Volunteering is good for the soul and can have a positive impact on your own well-being from relieving stress, depression and loneliness. Volunteering can introduce you to a new circle of friends and be a boost to your own psychological well-being. Henry’s Lady Model A Club is a tribe of all different types of people who enjoy each other's company and the love for vintage automobiles including the Model A Ford. Any position that is offered in the Henry's Lady Model A Club is not gender specific and can be filled by any Club member in good standing. A Husband and Wife / significant other can both fill a position together. The buddy system works great too for any position. There is a vast knowledge of people in this Club that will help new volunteers. 

This Club is on its 40th year and it wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for volunteers. So, step up, step in, and enjoy your Model A Club and Volunteer.

What's New for September 2023!
  • As of 09/25/2023, there is only **ONE** SEAT LEFT IN CLASS! Will that be YOU?!
    Joe Davis will teach "
    History of the Automobile until 1940" thru OLLI at SOU, this fall 10/12-11/16/2023
  • September Meeting Minutes posted to Members Only area! (09/25/2023)
  • See new Classified Ad, 1930 Coupe for sale. Nice older restoration, incudes new interior kit. (09/24/2023)
  • See Our Events for write-up with photos of September Tri-Chapter Gymkhana at Gold Hill Sports Park! (09/21/2023)
  • See Our Events for photos from Model A Days at the Gilmore Auto Museum! (09/19/2023)
  • See new Paid Advertising on our Service Providers page! (09/17/2023)
  • See new Classified Ad, Model A books! Still in the original packaging, never opened. (09/11/2023)
  • September Newsletter posted to Members Only area! (08/31/2023)
  • September President's Letter posted to Members Only area! (08/31/2023)
Always Online:
  • See the Calendar of Upcoming Events – more events, more fun!
  • Tour and Event photos are posted to Photos & Articles/Our Events!
  • Our Chapter Library including books, magazines, and video media (VHS tapes and DVD's) is MOBILE and AVAILABLE!
  • See the Members Only area for monthly President's Letter and Meeting Minutes, Club documents (Rosters, By-Laws, Rules), Sunshine Report, Newsletters, Officers, Committees, Refreshments, Birthdays, and Anniversaries. 
  • We are showcasing our event photos online in SLIDE GALLERIES. In a Gallery, click on the right or left arrow on a photo to see more – more photos, more fun!

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