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Last Updated 05/30/2024 

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Professional Appraisals

Street Rods, Customs & Classic Cars

Posted 09/2023 - Expires 09/2024

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Parts and Maintenance, Rebuild Zenith Carburetors and Distributors

Posted 03/2023 - Expires 03/2024

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For new/reproduction/
original Model A parts, contact Sammy Guthrie at Arizona Model A

Phone 480-782-0266

Posted 01/2022 - Renewed 01/2023 - Expires 01/2024

Recommended Service Providers

Service Type              Company Address                                                  Phone


Rebuild Zenith           Aries Limited                             

Carbs/Distributors:   16 West Jackson St, Medford, OR                          (650) 279-6609

Glass                           Farrell's Glass Service               

                                    204 S Fir St Medford, OR 97501                              (541) 773-1058

Electrical                     Warehouse Rebuilders              

                                    961 SE Gladiola Dr, Grants Pass OR                       (541) 476-1593

Generator                   Alternative Power & Machine  

                                    4040 Highland Grants Pass                                     (541) 476-8916

Gas Tank Cleaning    Community Radiator                

                                   112 SW M Street, Grants Pass                                 (541) 476-6463

Radiator Shop            Action Radiator                        

                                    1209 S Pacific Hwy Talent, OR 97540                     (541) 535-6664

For a list of Parts and Service providers around the USA, go to the MAFCA Website's page - click here.

We received this information from Joe Davis, Aries Mufflers & Parts (05/18/2023):

Replacing Brake Tracks on your backing plates:

We now have a cool tool, that allows the cold riveting of the brake tracks onto the backing plates front or rear.

It is here in our shop, we also have the air hammer to peen the rivets.    Just bring in your backing plates ready to rivet, no charge. 

I do suggest you strip them down, sand blast and powder coat first.  The actual parts we can get for you, just need advance notice, or Sammy has them.

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