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Last Updated 11/13/2023 



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Model A Ford Club of America - MAFCA
Model A Ford Foundation - MAFFI

Model A Basics
Where to Find Non-Ethanol Gasoline for your Vintage Car

Santa Clara Valley Chapter's Manifold Cooking

Vice Grip Garage video - Will This Ford Model A RUN AND DRIVE 700+ Miles Home?

On YouTube! The Model E - 1930 Ford Model A Roadster All Electric EV Bolt In Conversion. Tesla battery & Hyper9  (06/11/2023)

Learn about the Lincoln Highway: This Highway, Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln (09/28/2023) 

Check out Oregon Car Culture online - events, shows, races, you name it - in Oregon! (11/08/2023) is "the place for Model A Ford enthusiasts looking for information on Zenith carburetors. Think of us as the central source for information on identifying and solving your carburetor problems." 

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