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Busted Knuckles

Last Updated 05/31/2024 

If you need help with something on your Model A, as long as you are a member in good standing of Henry's Lady Model A Club, you can contact John Firth for a Busted Knuckles consultation!

May 2024 - The Busted Knuckles on Barry Waugaman's Vickie!

The Busted Knuckles bunch consisting of John Firth, Art Peary, Dale Waldron, Mike Patterson and Joseph Maynard worked with Barry Waugaman on his Vickie. It was a very productive day and Barry is so excited to have these fine men here working on his Model A Vickie! 

April 2024 - The Busted Knuckles on Alan Butler's Transmission!

The Busted Knuckles bunch consisting of John Firth, Art Peary, and Todd Calvert worked with Alan Butler on  his transmission. They had to replace the clutch and pressure plate on the '39 transmission in Alan's '31 Roadster. 

September 2022 - The Busted Knuckles on Jerry Schulte's Pickup!

The busted knuckles bunch consisting of Chuck Green, Art Peary, Todd Calvert, Joseph Maynard, John Firth, Jerry Schulte and his son Eric Schulte helped Jerry install his motor in his 28 roadster pickup today in record time, about 2.5 hours. Everyone had a good time, especially Jerry!


March 2022 - Busted Knuckles Latest Adventure: Like a hen on a June bug
Read "My Model A" by Bob Hughes


February 2022 - Busted Knuckles Adventure: Tom Bormuth's 1930 Tudor Chassis

Photographs of past Busted Knuckles events below. 

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Aug 2021 Busted Knuckles copy.jpg
2020-02-11 Busted Knuckle Rear-end Rebuild.jpg
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