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Last Updated 03/09/2023 

The Tool Box 
By John Firth


The purpose of this column is for members who are either restoring a Model A or are working on issues that need correcting or updating to share their experiences and progress with the club.  But I won’t know what you are doing unless you tell me about it, so give me a call!  


Here’s what’s going on in February, 2023: 

Last month Dale repaired the windshield stanchion on Jerry Schulte’s 28 Roadster PU and then Jerry took it out for a test drive. After the photo was taken, Todd reinstalled the hood. Looks like he’s ready for the 2023 driving season! 



Dale Waldron is getting Tom Bormuth’s 30 Tudor ready for paint.  It was on display at the February 18 engine teardown seminar.    


Bill Hallows is installing the interior in his 29 Tudor. 


Dale, Art and I helped Bob Hughes get his Model A running after a long storage.  Success! 


Bill Lackey recently discovered water in his oil.  The head isn’t cracked so he’ll be pulling the motor soon. Stay tuned.

Craig White is working on his dad’s (Tom) huckster.  He’s getting it ready for paint and final assembly.













He has also fitted all the pieces for his hard top (Budd) pickup.


My Cabriolet project is moving along, slow but sure. 

TB Dale1.png
TB Jerry1.png
TB Craig 2.png
TB Craig 1.png
TB Craig Budd.png
TB John.png

If you have updates, call me at 541-474-1516.  And if you need help with something,  as long as you are a member in good standing of Henry’s Lady, you can call me for a Busted Knuckles consultation.

Keep turning those wrenches!

John Firth

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