Last Updated 09/29/2022 

The Tool Box 
By John Firth


The purpose of this column is for members who are either restoring a Model A or are working on issues that need correcting or updating to share their experiences and progress with the club.  But I won’t know what you are doing unless you tell me about it, so give me a call!  


            Herb Waud called to tell me his strange noise was not the starter Bendix but a cracked fan blade. He has on the car an original 2-blade fan. They were famous for cracking and eventually braking and doing damage to the radiator and or hood. Herb is very happy that he found the problem BEFORE any damage was done. Hint: check your fan blade for looseness or cracks. 09/11/2022


            Dallas Nielsen was trying to hook up his lights with turn signals. Could not get the flasher to work. Turns out with LED lights you need a flasher that will work with lights that use less power. Just a tip. 09/08/2022

If you have updates, call me at 541-474-1516.  If you need help with something,  as long as you are a member in good standing of Henry’s Lady, you can call Chuck Green 541-471-9214 for a Busted Knuckles consultation.

Keep turning those wrenches!



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