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Last Updated 08/06/2023 

The Tool Box 
By John Firth


The purpose of this column is for members who are either restoring a Model A or are working on issues that need correcting or updating to share their experiences and progress with the club.  But I won’t know what you are doing unless you tell me about it, so give me a call!  


Here’s what’s going on in August, 2023: 


It’s been awhile since I last gave a Tool Box update, but there’s no shortage of action!

Tom Bormuth is still reassembling his 30 Tudor.

Todd Calvert finished his 30 Tudor barn find and it is for sale on MAFCA website. He recently acquired a 30 AA chassis to put his extra parts on to make a running truck.

Joe Davis has his 30 Phaeton at the upholstery shop, so it is almost on the road!

Bill Lackey has his rebuilt motor in the car and running again.

Tom Miller is rebuilding his steering arms.

While on the Oregon Tour last month, Mike Patterson finally discovered the cause of his engine noise and with Todd’s help was able to replace his timing gear in the parking lot of the motel.  They finished in time to take the scheduled tour the next day! 

Craig White is cleaning up and painting his dad’s 31 Huckster.

Alan Butler, our new member from Crescent City, went through a lengthy process to get a California title. He had to lift the body to verify the VIN for a CHP inspection, and it passed.  He is now getting the front end in alignment.

I have finished my 68B Cabriolet body and am now working on the 31 Roadster Pickup.  In the wings is another 68C Cabriolet to assemble.

If you have updates, call me at 541-474-1516.  And if you need help with something,  as long as you are a member in good standing of Henry’s Lady, you can call me for a Busted Knuckles consultation.

Keep turning those wrenches!

John Firth

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