Last Updated 11/25/2022 

The Tool Box 
By John Firth


The purpose of this column is for members who are either restoring a Model A or are working on issues that need correcting or updating to share their experiences and progress with the club.  But I won’t know what you are doing unless you tell me about it, so give me a call!  


November 1, 2022:

Todd Calvert got a title for the 30 Tudor he has been working on.

Tom Bormuth is ready to take his 30 Tudor body to Dale’s this winter for body work and paint.

New member John Bernardo recently purchased his first Model A, a 29 Special Coupe.  He had Jerry Mathern go through the carburetor and Dale helped him put it on.  John then drove it to DMV to transfer title.

Jerry Schulte had to rebuild his starter and generator to turn over his new rebuilt motor.

Herb Waud replaced the broken two blade fan on his 29 Special Coupe with a new aluminum two blade fan.

Roger Huffman is having Joe Davis rebuild the braking system on his 29_Coupe.

New member Sam Tolleson bought Bill Hallows’ 30 Coupe.  This is his first Model A.  Sam’s wife Jeanette recently bought past member Jim Hopkins’ 40 Dodge. 

Joe Davis’s 30 Fordor Phaeton is being painted and it will be on the road next spring.

Mike McKey picked up a Model A diamond block motor from a friend.  The diamond indicates that it was made after Model A production, and they were used primarily as stationery power plants.  It still has shims in the rods and mains so it should be an easy rebuild.

I am making progress on my 31 Cabriolet body.

Joseph Maynard is still waiting for a new rear spring for his 30 Coupe.

Stay tuned for updates, a lot of members are working on their Model A’s.

If you have updates, call me at 541-474-1516.  If you need help with something,  as long as you are a member in good standing of Henry’s Lady, you can call Chuck Green 541-471-9214 for a Busted Knuckles consultation.

Keep turning those wrenches!



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Todd Calvert sent photos of his newest creation, this trailer: