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Last Updated 01/30/2024 

January 2024 Officers Installation Banquet!

It was a gala event with 70 people in attendance to witness and enjoy the day. The silent auction brought in a grand total of $1,734 - Wow!  Thank you all for donating items for the auction and thank you all for participating and spending your hard-earned dollars at the silent auction. All proceeds go directly into the Henry’s Lady business account. Also, a big Thank You goes out to John and Nancy Firth, Lisa Acrea and Dale Waldron, Teri Lavery, and Grace Peary, who volunteered and helped with the setup of the Grange Hall and managed the Silent auction. It was a very enjoyable event and a good start for 2024.

January 2024 Record Breaking Silent Auction!

On Saturday, January 13, 2024, Henry’s Lady Model A Club held the first 2024 Business Meeting, Officer Installation Banquet and Silent Auction. 67 members and 3 guests of Henry’s Lady Model A Club attended the Business Meeting and then enjoyed Casa Amiga’s Taco Bar catered luncheon. Cheryl Maynard’s dessert brownies and cookies were much appreciated by diners.
DRUM ROLL PLEASE—Our Silent Auction concluded in another RECORD BREAKING AMOUNT—over twice as much as last year! This year, $1,734 was brought into the Club’s general account! Super generous Club members, friends, and community donated an incredible 97 separate items!
• Top Spenders Herb & Kitty Waud scored Jerry Schulte’s custom handmade wood shifter knob, some body mount wood blocks, Model A patches, the very valuable Tillotson Carb, and the very delicious Hallows Estate’s Sauvignon Blanc paired with a Wrought Iron Sommelier.
• Todd Calvert, Tom Miller, and Barry Waugaman all TIED for second place as Top Spenders AND were the closest competitors for the plethora of Model A parts that they needed. Or wanted. Good thing other Club members had cleaned out their shops and garages, so there were plenty of parts to choose from! You know who’s working hardest on their Model A’s by who grabs all the best parts.
• Terry Miller (or will it be Tom?) now has two new/old wooden cat and frog birdhouses to set up.
• Steve Hodges scored the custom Model A spring spreader—then paid even more for it as we didn’t have change for him—thanks, Steve!
• Bill & Mary Hallows took home antique advertising, posters, a picnic basket and a wine stand.
• Marla Coughran has some new wall art to hang at home.
• Simon Calvert chose the ornamental scuba mask and the world globe—great for learning!
• Sam Tolleson must be working on something in his shop—he bought the “new old stock” timing gear, the ramps, creeper, gas can, and antique rachet jacks.
• Dale Waldron snapped up the steering wheel lock and transmission dip stick.
• Marilyn Chartier & Jerry Schulte stayed the course on the bids for puzzles and are now prepared for the winter rain with more nearly-new puzzles. We *hope* all the pieces are there, though I admit I never tried the Japanese multipack, 3 puzzles in one box!
• TJ and Eloise Aguirre got some new and vintage toys. Ted won the Shell gas gift card, a chain rachet, and also Roger Huffman’s three hand drawn cartoons on restaurant napkins. Roger is an artist—we may see them on Antiques Roadshow one day!
• Janet Kepley won the new indoor grill. You never know what will be on the Auction tables…
• Anne & Steve Schroeder are ready for spring with a picnic basket, birdhouse, and muffler clamp.
• Debby Reaza won two beautiful wine glasses that looked like stained glass. Cheers Debby!
• Jody Bormuth picked up a brand new car cover for half the price of new. Plus Jody bought Teri Lavery’s uniquely handmade baskets. Great Deal!
• John Bernardo walked away with the totally stylin’ Ben Davis Automotive Mechanics coveralls. There must be work going on in John’s garage also.
• We know Dallas Nielsen is setting up new lights in his shop since he bought 2 boxes of lighting.
• Avid readers Cindy and Ed English, Tom Miller, Dotty Pearson, and Tim Ross now have many new western, mystery and adventure novels each. Plus there’s a lot of automotive books in this mix. Cindy must have big plans for Era Clothing, taking home a collection of patterns and books.
• Frank Busch wanted those 3-ton jack stands and a cool Ford Bronco camp chair. Frank’s daughter-in-law Kelly scored Barb and Rick Mahan’s custom made gift basket, a couple of house plants, a classic book, and a cozy throw.
• Bill Lackey evidently has some heavy work to do, as he bought the utility gloves.

December 2023 Ready for the Parade - But for the Rain!

John and Pam B were ready for the Grants Pass Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 2 - and a few others from our Club would have joined the Parade too - But for the Rain! It was pouring rain by midafternoon Saturday with more on the way, so the few members who planned to be in the Parade decided to sit this one out.

However - John and Pam decided to leave their Model A decorated for now, so that perhaps one evening that isn’t raining they can take a ride up 7th Street and down 6th Street before December 25th and turn the lights on and do a short video of the Model A all lit up with the lights the car is decorated with.

October 2023 Tour to Rand - Smullin Visitor Center

After a great lunch at Baldini’s in Merlin, we stopped at the Carpenter Store in Galice. The history of this area is told on the white sign on the front of the building (see photo).  Today it is  the Galice Community Hall and is used for various events, one of which is the Mother’s Day Weekend Garden Faire which is always fun! 

Todd works for the Bureau of Land Management and actually worked at this site for many years. He took us all around the compound and gave us a great history lesson on Rand, which is a historic outpost on the Rogue River about 2.5 miles north of Galice.  Today it is officially called the Smullin Visitor Center, but in the beginning, shortly after the Siskiyou National Forest was created in 1906, the Galice Ranger District was developed at this site.  
When the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) was created in 1933, a CCC camp was established at Rand. The Corps workers constructed buildings, built roads and trails, and developed campgrounds in the surrounding National Forest.  They eventually numbered over 200 enrollees.  They also made many improvements to the Forest Service side of the compound. This included remodeling existing buildings and constructing new ones. They improved the landscaping around the ranger station and built masonry retaining walls at the site. The Civilian Conservation Corps camp at Rand was closed in August 1941. 
In 1958, the Forest Service added a new ranger residence and a bunkhouse for seasonal employees. In 1963, the Siskiyou National Forest closed the Rand Ranger Station and moved the Galice Ranger District headquarters to Grants Pass. In 1970, the Bureau of Land Management acquired the Rand property from the Forest Service. Since then, the Bureau of Land Management has used the site to issue float permits for the Rogue River,
While all of the buildings from Civilian Conservation Corps camp are now gone, the Forest Service structures built by Civilian Conservation Corps still exist and are in good condition. In fact, the Rand Ranger Station has changed very little since it was built; as a result, it provides visitors a glimpse into the past. Because of the rustic architecture of its buildings and the site's unique historic value as an early Forest Service ranger station, the 95-acre Rand compound was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 10 June 1999.
Before heading back to town, Todd took us a short distance further down river to see what’s left of the Almeda Mine on the far side of the river.  In one photo Simon is at the bridge location. You can still see the bolt in the rock. In the other the only physical evidence of the mine operation that is visible now is across the river behind Simon. Todd also had some historical photos from operations back in the day. 
Many thanks to Todd and Simon for an interesting look back in time!


November 2023 Frog Prince Aquatics Tour

Thank you John and Nancy for leading more than a dozen members from Henry’s Lady Club after our November business meeting over to Frog Prince Aquatics in Grants Pass. Frog Prince Aquatics is "Your one stop store for all your pond, saltwater and tropical fish supplies and livestock." There, Miguel gave us an interesting tour around the facilities, where we looked into aquariums holding colorful angel fish, bettas, tetras, swordtails, shrimp, frogs, puffers, sharks, and even a Big Fat Eel! Charlie the Eel was so fat, he didn't even want to eat the carp (koi) that Miguel presented. Miguel also set free a covey of young pigeons, who flew around together like synchronized swimmers in the sky - except for that one slow pigeon, always behind the group. After our tour we lunched together at Wild River Brewery. 

October 2023 Hyatt Lake - Campers Cove - Fish Lake Tour

Thank you Mike McKey for leading about 20 members from Henry’s Lady Club, the Model T Club and SOJACC on a Fall Colors adventure tour to Hyatt Lake/Campers Cove and Fish Lake Resorts this last Saturday. Mike was the only one that drove a Model A while the rest of us enjoyed the scenery in our modern cars with our heaters, heated seats and heated steering wheels on. We enjoyed the Fall colors and had a nice breakfast that turned into lunch, but because we enjoyed the day with each other’s company time didn’t matter. This is what makes an enjoyable Club to be in.

September 2023 Gold Ray Dam Tour

Several members of Henry's Lady joined the State of Jefferson Antique Car Club and Southern Oregon Model T Club on one of their local tours Saturday, September 30th through the scenic Gold Ray section of the Rogue River and ending at Bill Wilkins’ farm for a picnic lunch.

The route started just east of Gold Hill and follows the Rogue River and the railroad on Upper River Road, Gold Ray Road and Tolo Road. It passes the former site of the Gold Ray Dam (built in 1904, removed in 2010) and the former site of Fort Lane (Oregon State Heritage Site commemorating peace treaty with Rogue River Indians). Tour leader Bill Wilkins also took us by the Willow Springs School which served the area from 1924 through 1955.  We had picnic lunch at Bill Wilkins’ farm on Old Stage Road. Many thanks to Bill for an interesting tour of this area!

ADDITIONALLY Check out these articles from the Oregon Historical Society online encyclopedia.
History buffs will find the back stories interesting!!

September 2023 Tri-Chapter Gymkhana at Gold Hill Sports Park

On Saturday, September 16, 2023 the annual Tri-Chapter Gymkhana commenced at Gold Hill Sports Park along the beautiful Rogue River. This year's event was hosted by Rogue Valley A's and included Henry's Lady Club of Grants Pass, and Sis-Q A's of Siskiyou County in Northern California.

In the early morning coolness, Dale Waldron dragged the Teeter Totter parts to the Park and was helped by Todd and Simon Calvert on set-up. Fun events began with the well-organized Hubley Derby with Jerry Mathern ably assisted by Gloria Jackson at the race table for weigh-in and qualification inspection. The Derby was very competitive in heated matches with close finishes. 

Rogue Valley A's provided all the hot dogs, buns, condiments, and cold drinks needed for a satisfying lunch on a hot day. John Bernardo held the title role as "Azorean Cook" at the BBQ.

After lunch events began with the Teeter Totter and the Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss. Each Chapter sponsored one car game and provided an award for each game winner and the overall winner for the day.

  • Hubley Derby sponsored by Rogue Valley A's, won by Dale Waldron.

  • Teeter Totter sponsored by Henry's Lady Club, won by Barry Waugaman, $25 gift card to MAFCA.

  • Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss sponsored by Sis-Q A's, won by Dale Waldron, a very unique locally made Siskiyou County gift basket with local delicacies.

  • Overall Winner was Dale Waldron, presented with a Belt Buckle by Jerry Mathern. 

Afternoon heat escalated and air quality ​from the smoke of distant forest fires deteriorated rapidly after lunch, so the Gymkhana wrapped up quickly after the awards ceremony.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered and worked hard to make this fun event such a success!


Model A Days at the Gilmore Auto Museum

Henry's Lady Club Member Rick Black of  Las Cruces, New Mexico, spent the third weekend of September, 2023, in Michigan at the Gilmore Automobile Museum in Hickory Corners.  Rick and his daughter had a great time strolling through the 90 acre grounds.   
Here is a link to the 200+ photos Rick took. 

If you want a full size version of any of them just ask Rick (see Members Only area for Member Rosters).

Rick and Abe.JPG
September 2023 Tour to see the Bee Gees - Diner, that is! 

At the September 2023 Business Meeting, we heard that MAFCA recently awarded a coveted 50 year Gold Pin to Art and Grace Peary for their 50 years of membership in the Model A Club of America. Congratulations Art and Grace! 

After the September 2023 Business Meeting concluded, a gaggle of Club Members hit the back roads of Josephine and Jackson Counties, to the Bee Gees Diner, a family style diner in Rogue River, Oregon that's been in Jackson County for over 35 years. 

July 2023 Back to the Fifties Celebration 

Back to the Fifties Celebration in Grants Pass gave our Model A Club another chance to show off our Model A's. On Friday afternoon July 21st, almost a dozen Club members met offsite and drove in as a Club to the Pastor Ron Marsh Memorial Show and Shine in the parking lot at the Parkway Christian Church. 

July 2023 Oregon Tour in The Dalles, Oregon

Hosted by the Willamette Valley Model T Club, Willamette Valley Model A Club, & the Enduring A's Model A Club

Henry's Lady Model A Club again this year had a good number of members join the Oregon Tour. Over four days we toured out of The Dalles, Oregon, 'the richest city in history in eastern Oregon', at the end of the Old Oregon Trail. We toured the National Neon Sign Museum, presenting one of the most outstanding collections of American advertising, signage, and ephemera in the nation. We toured over 120 miles through the Tygh Valley/Fargher/Grass Valley/Hay Canyon/Wasco area, where wheat farming, ranching, and wind turbines drive the economy. We toured the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum (WAAAM), home to over 300 antique planes and cars, with the added bonus of Traffic Jam, the all-day classic car show. We toured the Historic Columbia Highway/Mosier Tunnels, following the route of the original highway that is now designated a state trail. We toured the Fort Dalles Museum to view several historic buildings and displays including horse-drawn and early auto vehicles.

Thank you Mike and Debbie McKey, for all the planning that has gone into The Oregon Tours!! 

June 2023 Pottsville Tractor Show and Swap Meet

On Saturday, June 17 Ted Aguirre invited our Henry's Lady Model A Club to display our cars at Pottsville Historical Museum Tractor Show and Pull. Seven members met at Fruitdale Grange, Mike McKee lead the group to Pottsville, and we all enjoyed a fun day in great June weather at the Tractor Show.

Thank you Ted and Mike for a fun day at the Tractor Show!  

June 2023 Lunch Adventure to Mike Patterson's Estate

On Saturday, June 10 following our Business meeting, Mike Patterson lead our group through the back roads to the thriving metropolis of the town known as Williams where Mike resides. Mike and Asia then provided a tour to explain his version of "Natural Building" methods that he has incorporated into interesting projects, and work in progress on buildings on his property. Some were Strawbale construction using plaster made from hydraulic lime, which is made from limestone and when dry, is as hard as the original limestone. Others were Waddle (interwoven wood, willow in our case) and Daub (clay, sand and straw), another technique for walls. Round pole framing involves peeling the bark off the poles and using them to frame the “post and beam” construction of the cabin. 


Mike smoked an entire brisket and everyone brought a potluck side dish to share. 

Thank you Mike and Asia for a fun and interesting tour!  

June 2023 Gold Dust Days Parade

On Saturday, June 3rd, the city of Gold Hill, Oregon hosted their annual Gold Dust Days with a short parade and a street faire. The Model T Club,  Rogue Valley A's and Henrys Lady Model A Club were invited to join the Parade, so Dave Williams in his Model T led Club members Dale and Lisa Waldron in their '30 Banana Wagon and John and Pam Bernardo in their '29 Special Coupe from Grants Pass down to Gold Hill where they joined other antique, classic, and special interest vehicles in this short but enjoyable local parade.

Thank you Dave for a fun day!  

May 2023 SisQ A's Mount Shasta Tour

The SisQ A's hosted this three day event, driving Model A’s on and around Mount Shasta - “the Crown Jewel” of Siskiyou County. This tour travelled through an area with a rich history in mining and lumber. The area also has a unique geologic history and many scenic views. Planned stops were a BBQ at Upper Greenhorn Park in Yreka; a stop at the Sisson Museum in Mount Shasta; a visit to the Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery; a drive up Mount Shasta to Bunny Flat (6,950' elevation); a trip out to McCloud Falls; a tour of the McCloud Museum; and a stop at the Weed Museum.

Thanks to Todd for pictures of this fun touring event!

May 2023 Tour to Sam Brown Campground

Check out the article "Manifold Destiny" written about the Tour, compliments of Tom Miller!! ... (read full article here)

April 2023 Old Highway 99 Tour with Model T Club of Southern Oregon, the State of Jefferson Antique Car Club, and Henry's Lady Model A Club  


On Saturday, April 22 the Old Highway 99 Tour in the area north of Grants Pass finally became a reality.  We left from the Fruitdale Grange around 10:00 am with five Model A's, a '55 Chevy delivery wagon and two moderns (in the old days we used to call them Detroit Irons). The weather couldn't have been better as we headed north on Seventh Street and then jogging over to Vine Street. Our first point of interest was the old Richfield Beacon Service Station, which is now a restaurant.  This was one of many on the west coast that had also had a beacon tower used for line of sight air navigation.  The old Grants Pass Airport was adjacent and now has been cut diagonally in half by I-5.  As we progressed north and after a jog under the freeway we were on Monument Drive which was part of the old Highway 99 alignment.  We stopped at the former Antlers Auto Camp and gas station. It later was transformed into a small market and with the last few years the original building was replaced with a new one similar to the original.  Further up Monument at the junction of Three Pines Road we turned north on Oxyoke Road which was the pre-1941 alignment over Mt Sexton.  At the corner of Three Pines and Oxyoke several of the old original buildings still remain.  The corner gas station has been restored and converted to a residence. Nearby an old store has also been restored.  Further North another gas station, garage, and store remain and are still in their original state.  We continued north to the end of the road.  The next turn off was to the settlement of Hugo, which has an large wooden school building, old store and another one room school house now used by the Hugo Ladies Club/Schoolhouse Quilters.  The rest of the tour was mostly a scenic drive down Hugo Road, east through Merlin and then south on Camp Joy Road and Upper River Road back into Grants Pass for our lunch stop at Jimmy's Hamburgers where a repast was enjoyed.  


Thanks to everyone who came out from the Model T Club of Southern Oregon, the State of Jefferson Antique Car Club, and Henry's Lady Model A Club. From here on down, it's uphill all the way.  

       -Dave Williams, Tour Coordinator

April 2023 Tour to McKee Bridge and Applegate Reservoir

After the April Club Meeting, the weather was almost warm enough and it wasn’t even raining! So about 15 members braved driving their Model A’s (7) and modern autos (2) to the great outdoors with picnic lunches in hand, or strapped to their manifolds, as was one person's option. We went out North Applegate Road, to our first stop at the town of Applegate. We took a break at the newly owned and beautiful Applegate Lodge. The new owner came over to visit and check out the fleet of antique cars. It was great to see such a young and ambitious family working to carry on the traditions of the lodge with new enthusiasm. We continued south on Highway 238 for several miles before turning onto Upper Applegate Road, heading further upriver. Upon arrival, way out here in the backwoods of southern Oregon, the Easter Bunny had really dropped its load for the good boys and girls of the Upper Applegate Valley. Although we had hoped to use the park shelter to eat and play the piano inside for our main lunch stop, we decided that since the bunny had laid so many eggs, that we’d just check out the bridge and then truck on up to the picnic site at Applegate Reservoir. At McKee Bridge we took in the history and scenery the bridge site offers. Several lovebirds were caught on camera and everybody participated in a group photo before walking back to the cars. By that time there were a ton of kids and their parents waiting in line at the park to fill their baskets with easter treats. Whether they wanted it or not, they all were given the treat of our brightly colored cars puttering by chirping their 'ah-ooo-gah' horns. On up the road we passed Star Ranger Station, an old Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp now maintained by the Forest Service, and onward to the Applegate Dam and lakeside picnic area. It was windy and cold up at this altitude! Dale unwrapped a warm feast from his manifold and others ate the bounty they brought along. Applegate Lake was about 50’ shy of being totally full, which isn’t too bad given the amount of snow still on the mountains looking towards the California border and the Red Buttes. An amazing amount of people were out and about. Folks on motorcycles and bicycles. Folks just driving around. Everywhere people were waving to us and enjoying the uniqueness of the day. We all parted ways to head home, and upon arrival at home many commented that it was sunny and beautiful down in the valley. I tend to think that without a little discomfort, a sunny day doesn’t always seem so nice in contrast. Thanks for a great tour everyone! 

       -Todd C, Tour Coordinator

March 2023 Tour to Rogue River Abby's Pizza for Lunch 

February 2023 Model A Motor Project

So, about a year ago I was asking John Firth AKA “Broker John” [known by many], if he knew of any possible Model A rolling chassis that we could get for dirt cheap or possibly for free and he said “I know of a possible chassis that might work. Let me make some phone calls.” A couple of days go by and “Broker John” came through and said he found a Model A chassis that has been sitting out in the woods for close to thirty years if not more ... (read full article here)

February 2023 Tour through Grants Pass and Lunch at Wild River Pizza
Record breaking event held Saturday, January 14, 2023! 

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, Henry’s Lady Model A Club held the first 2023 Business Meeting, Officer Installation Banquet and Silent Auction. More than 50 members and guests of Henry’s Lady Model A Club attended the Business Meeting. Over 60 members and guests enjoyed the Smokehouse BBQ catered luncheon. Cheryl Maynard’s desserts were a hit and she graciously agreed to recreate the lovely dessert bar at next year’s event in January 2024. A variety of Silent Auction items sold in sometimes stiff competitive bidding, gaining $824 for the Club’s general account.

  • Top Spenders Joseph & Cheryl Maynard took home many much-needed parts for their Model A brought in by Joe Davis, Jerry’s custom handmade wood shifter knob, a myrtle wood bowl set, a wood briefcase custom made by John Firth, and plenty of fun home décor.

  • Joe Davis came to the Model A auction, and bought Model T parts. Joe was the only person who knew what they were … 

  • John Firth put Nancy’s name on a bid sheet to buy him a special exhaust clamp for their Model A. 

  • Four boxes of miscellaneous vintage automotive tools were popular items among knowing Model A mechanics; two boxes were snapped up by Sam Tolleson. Sam also has a LOT of reading to do – good thing it’s still raining. Todd & Simon Calvert got one box of vintage tools, some miniature cannons, and one of Jerry’s bowls. Tim Ross has to come over to Dale’s to pick up the box of vintage tools he won.

  • Marilyn Chartier & Jerry Schulte are prepared for more winter rain with 6 used 1,000 piece puzzles. We swear, all the pieces are there folks! 

  • David & Charlotte Hatch jumped on the stainless-steel post and rope stanchions show car barriers, it was just what they needed. Some toys and books round out their auction collection. 

  • John & Pam Bernardo are the new owners of the bone handled carving knife set by Sheffield, perfect for holiday entertaining, and a whirly-gig for their yard. 

  • Barry Waugaman picked up a box of parts, a 28-29 rear window piece (will that fit on a ’32 Model B?) and a lot of books and reading material. 

  • Herb & Kitty Waud took home John Firth's custom-built Model A stool for Herb’s shop. So, Herb will be working in his shop, while Kitty is watching the Jackie Chan movies she won at auction… 

  • Young Eloise Aguirre bid on and won a beautiful doll and ceramic tea set. Ted Aguirre scored the custom-made industrial strength end tables made by Tim Ross out of Model A parts (Lisa got outbid twice, once by Dale – what’s up with that?!). 

  • Kitsy Wikkerink is enjoying a rare Hallows Estate Sauvignon Blanc, while Sid Frederick picked up Hallows Estate’s Pinot Noir and a beautiful hardwood bowl by Jerry.

  • Guest Marla bought a stack of old and new automotive literature and travel posters. Cathy Gerlitz had hoped to bid only the Coca-Cola sign from the stack. I wonder if they made a deal? Cathy also took home the big Koa wood bowl.

  • Dale Waldron got the trouble lights … wait - isn’t that like asking for trouble with a Model A?

  • Readers Gloria Jackson and Cindy English now have 5 new mystery and adventure novels each. Dotty Pearson asked why there weren’t any Oregon history books (if only I had known before the auction, Dotty! …)

  • Bob Fleischman bought 2 of Lisa Acrea’s plants, and Lisa took 2 plants back home and bought the Harry & David gift basket. 

  • Frank Busch now has a battery-operated clock for his shop, so the next time our power goes out, he’ll still know what time it is.

  • Donna Johnson picked out a whirly-gig and a bird house for their yardscape. 

  • Dave Williams correctly identified a sketchy part as a Volkswagen horn and scooped it up. 

  • Bill & Fleeta Lackey took home a brand-new portable tool box with tools inside it, an eclectic collection of movies on DVD, and a Ford throw blanket that looked Very Familiar to Fleeta. 

Veterans Honored at November 2022 Meeting

To our Veterans: Thank you for your service to this country. Your bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to you and your family for all that you have given to the country.  Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. Those standing at attention are veterans of years of service in different branches of our armed forces. 

2022.11 Veterans Honored.jpg
Blast from the Past - August, 2013

Henry’s Lady tour leaving the Chateau at Oregon Caves Monument, August 2013.

Thanks to Bill and Mary Hallows for this picture! 

Oregon Caves Monument August 2013.jpg
October 2022 - Tour:  Back Roads Around Grants Pass 

Until it tragically burned down a few years ago, The Galice Resort had been our favorite fall color tour for as long as we can remember.  For October, our tradition was to combine a lunch destination with a scenic tour on the backroads that typically have some fall colors on display so we can get the Model A’s out one more time before the weather turns wet and cold.  We still hadn’t come up with a replacement but we got pretty close to it this year with Dave Williams’ drive around the outskirts of Grants Pass. 

Here’s the route we took from the Grange:


L on Parkdale Dr, cross Hwy 199 to East Park St

R on 7th St

L on Morgan Ln

R on Vine St, merge onto Highland Ave

R on Donaldson Rd

L on Granite Hill Rd, L at Y onto Winona Rd

L on Jump Off Joe Cr Rd

L on Monument Dr

R on Camp Joy Rd

L on Plumtree Ln, merges with Pincrest Dr

L on Upper River Rd, merges with G St

L on 9th St

R on F St

L at back driveway into Jimmy’s Classic Drive In


Just as we came up to the stop sign on Pinecrest at the bottom of the hill, Tim Ross drove right in front of us on Upper River Road on his way to meet us at Jimmy’s. He had gone home after the meeting to pick up Janet, and his timing was incredible!


So we had a beautiful drive topped off with a great lunch at Jimmy’s on the outdoor patio.  Since Dave made arrangements ahead of time, we even got a 10% ‘Car Club Discount’! 


Many thanks to Dave Williams!

August 2022 - Last Tuesday Lunch Surprise - Henrietta Ford's Hand! 

At the August 30, 2022 "Last Tuesday Lunch", Rick Mahan (right) surprised Club diners as he presented "Henrietta Ford's Hand" to Tour Coordinator John Firth (left). Rick and Barbara made the Hand themselves. Rick said the jewelry on the Hand was Barbara's family heirlooms ... Barbara later said, "When we went on the tour to Coos Bay with the car clubs, the lead driver would put out an arm similar to the one we made, this ensured that no one got lost! We decided our club needed one too. Rick cut the wood and I painted and decorated it. We hope it will be used for years to come and no one gets lost on a tour!"

John and Nancy Firth reiterated that the purpose of this process is to prevent tour participants from getting lost. This is especially useful when some or all participants are not familiar with the area. This is how it works:

The tour leader carries the hand. Before a turn, he waves it out his driver's side window and makes the turn. The car behind him pulls safely off to the shoulder and indicates which way the rest of the cars should turn without getting out of his car. The rest of the cars pass by him and turn whichever way is indicated. Prior to leaving on the tour, the last car in the group is identified so that when that last car passes the car on the shoulder, he knows to fall in behind and continue on the tour. After that, every car pulls out and follows the car they were following before the turn. This process continues for the rest of the tour. 

2022.08 Last Tuesday Lunch Surprise.jpeg
August 2022 - Three-Chapter Gymkhana! 

On Saturday, August 27, 2022 the Sis-Q A's hosted Three-chapter Gymkhana at the Klamath River Country Estates (KRCE) Clubhouse near Hornbrook, California. The trip was a great success and a very enjoyable day. Temperatures were in the 80s with a soft breeze along the Klamath River at the Country Estates Clubhouse. Sis-Q A’s members cooked up some very tasty BBQ chicken and tri-tip, and the many side dishes brought in from members of the three different Model A clubs made the picnic a culinary treat that would be hard to top! While we waded through the buffet line to get our food, we were entertained by the Hornbrook Brigade drum percussion group. There were snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums, and cymbals and each percussionist band member did an amazing job. They were very entertaining and did a wonderful job.


The Hubley races were the best yet for this event. Ten fine-tuned Hubley cars competed in downhill races. Only one major mishap occurred where one high-speed Hubley caught an edge of the track, lost control, flipped end over end and careened into the crowd. Luckily, no one was hurt and they put the fire out quickly.


The Model A Gymkhana was also one of the best. Three events challenged both drivers and passengers to navigate their Model A’s through: Changing Spark Plugs, Arrow Toss, and Cocktails for Two. Changing Spark Plugs was a timed event to switch 4 Model A spark plugs from one Model A head to another with oven mitts on your hands. For Arrow Toss you had to drive over and stop to toss arrows while seated in your car into assorted baskets that were colored for different points accumulation (high score wins). Lastly for Cocktails for Two, a wine glass was filled with a calibrated amount of water and set in a pan connected to a flat stick and then you had to drive a very bumpy obstacle course set out with pylons while your passenger held the water in the wine glass that was in the pan connected to the flat stick. At the end the water left in the glass was remeasured for spillage loss; the car that spilled the least amount of water won.


All games were very enjoyable and safe for all participants. Winner of best out of 3 events got a trophy and a gift certificate for MAFCA merchandise. Thank you to SIS-Q A’s for making this event a success! Next year the Rogue Valley A’s will hold the Three-Chapter Gymkhana in the Medford area.


Gymkhana winners:

Sis-Q A's Dart game - Mike Patterson (16 points)
Rogue Valley A's Water Course game - Brian Favero (5 points)
Henry's Lady  Spark Plug Changing game - Russell Nussbaum (1 min. 2 seconds)

Highest total score - Mike Patterson
Lowest total score - Bob Noel

Hubley Races winner - Nancy Giordanengo

July 2022 - Parkway Show & Shine! 

During Grants Pass's 32nd Annual Back to the 50's weekend, Henry's Lady Model A club members caravanned into the Parkway Show & Shine along with other classic and special interest cars. Our Model A's were on display from 5pm-9pm. 

July 2022 - Tour Down the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail! 

Directly after our July 2022 Henry's Lady Club meeting, members and their Model A's were led down the Lavender Trail to The English Lavender Farm.  

July 2022 - Coos Bay Oregon Tour with Southern Oregon Model T Club! 

Henry's Lady Club members and their Model A's joined Southern Oregon Model T Club, State of Jefferson Antique Car Club, Myrtlewood A's Model A Club and the Willamette Valley Model T Club for a long weekend in Coos Bay. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we toured the communities of Coos Bay, Bandon, Coquille, Myrtle Point and Charleston through some beautiful back country of farms, woods and seaside on gentle country paved roads and very few hills. We enjoyed the local historic and logging museums, antique shops, and shopping in the local and unique shops. We dined together in local restaurants and at coffee breaks in parks. We were treated to a private reception of a private car and airplane collector, and a special concert at the Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay to hear the almost one hundred year old mighty Wurlitzer Hope-Jones Unit Orchestra organ. A fun time was had by all!

June 2022 - The Dallas and Carol Nielsen 50th Wedding Anniversary! 

Henry's Lady Club members and their Model A's were invited to Dallas and Carol Nielsen's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

June 2022 - The Roger and Mary Ann Huffman Potluck BBQ! 

Henry's Lady, Rogue Valley A's and S.O. Model T Club were invited to Roger and Mary Ann Huffman's place on the Applegate River for a Father's Day potluck barbeque. All of Roger’s cars and automobilia were on display!

June 2022 - The Bill and Mary Hallows Picnic Extravaganza! 

Our post meeting tour on June 11, 2022 was a fine drive out to the countryside - across the Applegate River and through the woods to Bill & Mary's place we went. Bill & Mary provided hamburgers and hot dogs, Ted & Elizabeth Aguirre provided tableware, and club members brought side dishes and desserts. Bill manned the BBQ while the rest of us ate, drank, and made merry with stories of cars, cars, and more cars. Herb and Kitty drove their '29 Special Coupe to the event, for the first time in OVER 50 YEARS - CONGRATULATIONS Herb and Kitty! 

And yes - after all these years, Bill finally got his own Marionberry pie - thanks to John and Nancy!

May 2022 - Tour to Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery! 

Our post meeting tour on May 14, 2022 was to the Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery outside Gold Hill, Oregon. The Oregon Vortex is a glimpse of a strange world where the improbable is the commonplace and everyday physical facts are reversed. 


April 2022 - Tour to Mr. Northwestern—Dan Davids’ Barn

Our post meeting tour on April 9, 2022 was to the fine establishment of Mr. Northwestern Gumball Machines. But wait! Not only gumball machines, but slot machines, pinball machines, foosball games, vintage and period signs and advertising, and a music collection—a dazzling display of pure Americana—neon and kitsch included!


April 2022 - Tour to Butte Creek Mill—the Last Water-Powered Grist Mill
West of the Mississippi

On Saturday March 26, 2022, Henry’s Lady Club members joined the State of Jefferson Antique Car Club (SOJACC) and the Model T Club on a tour to the historic Butte Creek Mill and lunch at Mac's Diner in Shady Cove. Butte Creek Mill is an iconic structure that was built in 1872 in Eagle Point, Oregon. It is on the National Register of Historic Places as the last water-powered grist mill, still commercially operating, west of the Mississippi. We enjoyed a guided tour through the old Mill buildings. The finale was a stop in the gift shop to purchase locally milled flour, baking products, and merchandise. 


April 2022 - Dr. Car-B-Rater Gives Low Down on Water Pumps

At the conclusion of our March 12, 2022 Business Meeting, Jerry Mathern, Dr. Car B. Rator, shared his expertise with a technical seminar on rebuilding the Model A Water Pump. 


March 2022 - Tillotson Carburetor Repair and Restoration Seminar

Immediately following our Club Business Meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2022, our Club member (and author) David Hatch, ably assisted by his wife Charlotte, presented a Tillotson Carburetor Repair and Restoration Seminar.


February 2022 - Officer Installation and Silent Auction

Saturday, January 8, 2022 immediately following our Club Business Meeting, members met to enjoy our traditional Banquet, Silent Auction, and Officer Installation.


Photographs of past club activities below. 

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Rand Road Trip - October 2021

On Saturday, October 9, Henry’s Lady Model A Club’s new Tour Coordinator Chairman, John Firth, guided Model A enthusiasts (tourists) out for a picnic at Rand Recreation Site and Boat Ramp, near Galice. Our traditional October tour to the Galice Resort was not an option this year since sadly it burned down last June. But since we have all enjoyed the drive along our beautiful Rogue River through the years, we decided to change only the destination, not the route.  Options for lunch in that area are limited, so we brought our lunches and chairs and parked near the river at the Rand Boat Ramp.  It was a flawless Indian summer day and we enjoyed the scenic drive, although we were a bit too early for the fall colors this year.  Our newest members, Tim Ross and Janet Kepley, also joined us in their 30 Coupe.  Other members present were: Dave Williams, Bob Fleischman, Art and Grace Peary, Mike and Debbie McKey, and John and Nancy Firth.  


When turning into the picnic area, folks on the tour witnessed proof that Model A’s can “STOP ON A DIME”, as Art did an emergency stop behind John’s car which lacked brake lights at that moment! 



Tri-Chapter Gymkhana - August 2021
2021 Gymkhana 12.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 9.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 0 Title.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 5.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 2.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 1.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 6.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 8.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 3.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 7.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 15.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 4.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 14.jpg
Hubley Roadster Pickup

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