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Last Updated 03/24/2023 

March 2023 Tour to Rogue River Abby's Pizza for Lunch 

February 2023 Model A Motor Project

So, about a year ago I was asking John Firth AKA “Broker John” [known by many], if he knew of any possible Model A rolling chassis that we could get for dirt cheap or possibly for free and he said “I know of a possible chassis that might work. Let me make some phone calls.” A couple of days go by and “Broker John” came through and said he found a Model A chassis that has been sitting out in the woods for close to thirty years if not more ... (read full article here)

February 2023 Tour through Grants Pass and Lunch at Wild River Pizza
Record breaking event held Saturday, January 14, 2023! 

On Saturday, January 14, 2023, Henry’s Lady Model A Club held the first 2023 Business Meeting, Officer Installation Banquet and Silent Auction. More than 50 members and guests of Henry’s Lady Model A Club attended the Business Meeting. Over 60 members and guests enjoyed the Smokehouse BBQ catered luncheon. Cheryl Maynard’s desserts were a hit and she graciously agreed to recreate the lovely dessert bar at next year’s event in January 2024. A variety of Silent Auction items sold in sometimes stiff competitive bidding, gaining $824 for the Club’s general account.

  • Top Spenders Joseph & Cheryl Maynard took home many much-needed parts for their Model A brought in by Joe Davis, Jerry’s custom handmade wood shifter knob, a myrtle wood bowl set, a wood briefcase custom made by John Firth, and plenty of fun home décor.

  • Joe Davis came to the Model A auction, and bought Model T parts. Joe was the only person who knew what they were … 

  • John Firth put Nancy’s name on a bid sheet to buy him a special exhaust clamp for their Model A. 

  • Four boxes of miscellaneous vintage automotive tools were popular items among knowing Model A mechanics; two boxes were snapped up by Sam Tolleson. Sam also has a LOT of reading to do – good thing it’s still raining. Todd & Simon Calvert got one box of vintage tools, some miniature cannons, and one of Jerry’s bowls. Tim Ross has to come over to Dale’s to pick up the box of vintage tools he won.

  • Marilyn Chartier & Jerry Schulte are prepared for more winter rain with 6 used 1,000 piece puzzles. We swear, all the pieces are there folks! 

  • David & Charlotte Hatch jumped on the stainless-steel post and rope stanchions show car barriers, it was just what they needed. Some toys and books round out their auction collection. 

  • John & Pam Bernardo are the new owners of the bone handled carving knife set by Sheffield, perfect for holiday entertaining, and a whirly-gig for their yard. 

  • Barry Waugaman picked up a box of parts, a 28-29 rear window piece (will that fit on a ’32 Model B?) and a lot of books and reading material. 

  • Herb & Kitty Waud took home John Firth's custom-built Model A stool for Herb’s shop. So, Herb will be working in his shop, while Kitty is watching the Jackie Chan movies she won at auction… 

  • Young Eloise Aguirre bid on and won a beautiful doll and ceramic tea set. Ted Aguirre scored the custom-made industrial strength end tables made by Tim Ross out of Model A parts (Lisa got outbid twice, once by Dale – what’s up with that?!). 

  • Kitsy Wikkerink is enjoying a rare Hallows Estate Sauvignon Blanc, while Sid Frederick picked up Hallows Estate’s Pinot Noir and a beautiful hardwood bowl by Jerry.

  • Guest Marla bought a stack of old and new automotive literature and travel posters. Cathy Gerlitz had hoped to bid only the Coca-Cola sign from the stack. I wonder if they made a deal? Cathy also took home the big Koa wood bowl.

  • Dale Waldron got the trouble lights … wait - isn’t that like asking for trouble with a Model A?

  • Readers Gloria Jackson and Cindy English now have 5 new mystery and adventure novels each. Dotty Pearson asked why there weren’t any Oregon history books (if only I had known before the auction, Dotty! …)

  • Bob Fleischman bought 2 of Lisa Acrea’s plants, and Lisa took 2 plants back home and bought the Harry & David gift basket. 

  • Frank Busch now has a battery-operated clock for his shop, so the next time our power goes out, he’ll still know what time it is.

  • Donna Johnson picked out a whirly-gig and a bird house for their yardscape. 

  • Dave Williams correctly identified a sketchy part as a Volkswagen horn and scooped it up. 

  • Bill & Fleeta Lackey took home a brand-new portable tool box with tools inside it, an eclectic collection of movies on DVD, and a Ford throw blanket that looked Very Familiar to Fleeta. 

Veterans Honored at November 2022 Meeting

To our Veterans: Thank you for your service to this country. Your bravery, sacrifice, and strength do not go unnoticed, and we will always be indebted to you and your family for all that you have given to the country.  Thank you for your time, bravery, and sacrifice for this country. Those standing at attention are veterans of years of service in different branches of our armed forces. 

2022.11 Veterans Honored.jpg
Blast from the Past - August, 2013

Henry’s Lady tour leaving the Chateau at Oregon Caves Monument, August 2013.

Thanks to Bill and Mary Hallows for this picture! 

Oregon Caves Monument August 2013.jpg
October 2022 - Tour:  Back Roads Around Grants Pass 

Until it tragically burned down a few years ago, The Galice Resort had been our favorite fall color tour for as long as we can remember.  For October, our tradition was to combine a lunch destination with a scenic tour on the backroads that typically have some fall colors on display so we can get the Model A’s out one more time before the weather turns wet and cold.  We still hadn’t come up with a replacement but we got pretty close to it this year with Dave Williams’ drive around the outskirts of Grants Pass. 

Here’s the route we took from the Grange:


L on Parkdale Dr, cross Hwy 199 to East Park St

R on 7th St

L on Morgan Ln

R on Vine St, merge onto Highland Ave

R on Donaldson Rd

L on Granite Hill Rd, L at Y onto Winona Rd

L on Jump Off Joe Cr Rd

L on Monument Dr

R on Camp Joy Rd

L on Plumtree Ln, merges with Pincrest Dr

L on Upper River Rd, merges with G St

L on 9th St

R on F St

L at back driveway into Jimmy’s Classic Drive In


Just as we came up to the stop sign on Pinecrest at the bottom of the hill, Tim Ross drove right in front of us on Upper River Road on his way to meet us at Jimmy’s. He had gone home after the meeting to pick up Janet, and his timing was incredible!


So we had a beautiful drive topped off with a great lunch at Jimmy’s on the outdoor patio.  Since Dave made arrangements ahead of time, we even got a 10% ‘Car Club Discount’! 


Many thanks to Dave Williams!

August 2022 - Last Tuesday Lunch Surprise - Henrietta Ford's Hand! 

At the August 30, 2022 "Last Tuesday Lunch", Rick Mahan (right) surprised Club diners as he presented "Henrietta Ford's Hand" to Tour Coordinator John Firth (left). Rick and Barbara made the Hand themselves. Rick said the jewelry on the Hand was Barbara's family heirlooms ... Barbara later said, "When we went on the tour to Coos Bay with the car clubs, the lead driver would put out an arm similar to the one we made, this ensured that no one got lost! We decided our club needed one too. Rick cut the wood and I painted and decorated it. We hope it will be used for years to come and no one gets lost on a tour!"

John and Nancy Firth reiterated that the purpose of this process is to prevent tour participants from getting lost. This is especially useful when some or all participants are not familiar with the area. This is how it works:

The tour leader carries the hand. Before a turn, he waves it out his driver's side window and makes the turn. The car behind him pulls safely off to the shoulder and indicates which way the rest of the cars should turn without getting out of his car. The rest of the cars pass by him and turn whichever way is indicated. Prior to leaving on the tour, the last car in the group is identified so that when that last car passes the car on the shoulder, he knows to fall in behind and continue on the tour. After that, every car pulls out and follows the car they were following before the turn. This process continues for the rest of the tour. 

2022.08 Last Tuesday Lunch Surprise.jpeg
August 2022 - Three-Chapter Gymkhana! 

On Saturday, August 27, 2022 the Sis-Q A's hosted Three-chapter Gymkhana at the Klamath River Country Estates (KRCE) Clubhouse near Hornbrook, California. The trip was a great success and a very enjoyable day. Temperatures were in the 80s with a soft breeze along the Klamath River at the Country Estates Clubhouse. Sis-Q A’s members cooked up some very tasty BBQ chicken and tri-tip, and the many side dishes brought in from members of the three different Model A clubs made the picnic a culinary treat that would be hard to top! While we waded through the buffet line to get our food, we were entertained by the Hornbrook Brigade drum percussion group. There were snare drums, bass drums, tenor drums, and cymbals and each percussionist band member did an amazing job. They were very entertaining and did a wonderful job.


The Hubley races were the best yet for this event. Ten fine-tuned Hubley cars competed in downhill races. Only one major mishap occurred where one high-speed Hubley caught an edge of the track, lost control, flipped end over end and careened into the crowd. Luckily, no one was hurt and they put the fire out quickly.


The Model A Gymkhana was also one of the best. Three events challenged both drivers and passengers to navigate their Model A’s through: Changing Spark Plugs, Arrow Toss, and Cocktails for Two. Changing Spark Plugs was a timed event to switch 4 Model A spark plugs from one Model A head to another with oven mitts on your hands. For Arrow Toss you had to drive over and stop to toss arrows while seated in your car into assorted baskets that were colored for different points accumulation (high score wins). Lastly for Cocktails for Two, a wine glass was filled with a calibrated amount of water and set in a pan connected to a flat stick and then you had to drive a very bumpy obstacle course set out with pylons while your passenger held the water in the wine glass that was in the pan connected to the flat stick. At the end the water left in the glass was remeasured for spillage loss; the car that spilled the least amount of water won.


All games were very enjoyable and safe for all participants. Winner of best out of 3 events got a trophy and a gift certificate for MAFCA merchandise. Thank you to SIS-Q A’s for making this event a success! Next year the Rogue Valley A’s will hold the Three-Chapter Gymkhana in the Medford area.


Gymkhana winners:

Sis-Q A's Dart game - Mike Patterson (16 points)
Rogue Valley A's Water Course game - Brian Favero (5 points)
Henry's Lady  Spark Plug Changing game - Russell Nussbaum (1 min. 2 seconds)

Highest total score - Mike Patterson
Lowest total score - Bob Noel

Hubley Races winner - Nancy Giordanengo

July 2022 - Parkway Show & Shine! 

During Grants Pass's 32nd Annual Back to the 50's weekend, Henry's Lady Model A club members caravanned into the Parkway Show & Shine along with other classic and special interest cars. Our Model A's were on display from 5pm-9pm. 

July 2022 - Tour Down the Southern Oregon Lavender Trail! 

Directly after our July 2022 Henry's Lady Club meeting, members and their Model A's were led down the Lavender Trail to The English Lavender Farm.  

July 2022 - Coos Bay Oregon Tour with Southern Oregon Model T Club! 

Henry's Lady Club members and their Model A's joined Southern Oregon Model T Club, State of Jefferson Antique Car Club, Myrtlewood A's Model A Club and the Willamette Valley Model T Club for a long weekend in Coos Bay. On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we toured the communities of Coos Bay, Bandon, Coquille, Myrtle Point and Charleston through some beautiful back country of farms, woods and seaside on gentle country paved roads and very few hills. We enjoyed the local historic and logging museums, antique shops, and shopping in the local and unique shops. We dined together in local restaurants and at coffee breaks in parks. We were treated to a private reception of a private car and airplane collector, and a special concert at the Egyptian Theatre in Coos Bay to hear the almost one hundred year old mighty Wurlitzer Hope-Jones Unit Orchestra organ. A fun time was had by all!

June 2022 - The Dallas and Carol Nielsen 50th Wedding Anniversary! 

Henry's Lady Club members and their Model A's were invited to Dallas and Carol Nielsen's 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration.

June 2022 - The Roger and Mary Ann Huffman Potluck BBQ! 

Henry's Lady, Rogue Valley A's and S.O. Model T Club were invited to Roger and Mary Ann Huffman's place on the Applegate River for a Father's Day potluck barbeque. All of Roger’s cars and automobilia were on display!

June 2022 - The Bill and Mary Hallows Picnic Extravaganza! 

Our post meeting tour on June 11, 2022 was a fine drive out to the countryside - across the Applegate River and through the woods to Bill & Mary's place we went. Bill & Mary provided hamburgers and hot dogs, Ted & Elizabeth Aguirre provided tableware, and club members brought side dishes and desserts. Bill manned the BBQ while the rest of us ate, drank, and made merry with stories of cars, cars, and more cars. Herb and Kitty drove their '29 Special Coupe to the event, for the first time in OVER 50 YEARS - CONGRATULATIONS Herb and Kitty! 

And yes - after all these years, Bill finally got his own Marionberry pie - thanks to John and Nancy!

May 2022 - Tour to Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery! 

Our post meeting tour on May 14, 2022 was to the Oregon Vortex and House of Mystery outside Gold Hill, Oregon. The Oregon Vortex is a glimpse of a strange world where the improbable is the commonplace and everyday physical facts are reversed. 


April 2022 - Tour to Mr. Northwestern—Dan Davids’ Barn

Our post meeting tour on April 9, 2022 was to the fine establishment of Mr. Northwestern Gumball Machines. But wait! Not only gumball machines, but slot machines, pinball machines, foosball games, vintage and period signs and advertising, and a music collection—a dazzling display of pure Americana—neon and kitsch included!


April 2022 - Tour to Butte Creek Mill—the Last Water-Powered Grist Mill
West of the Mississippi

On Saturday March 26, 2022, Henry’s Lady Club members joined the State of Jefferson Antique Car Club (SOJACC) and the Model T Club on a tour to the historic Butte Creek Mill and lunch at Mac's Diner in Shady Cove. Butte Creek Mill is an iconic structure that was built in 1872 in Eagle Point, Oregon. It is on the National Register of Historic Places as the last water-powered grist mill, still commercially operating, west of the Mississippi. We enjoyed a guided tour through the old Mill buildings. The finale was a stop in the gift shop to purchase locally milled flour, baking products, and merchandise. 


April 2022 - Dr. Car-B-Rater Gives Low Down on Water Pumps

At the conclusion of our March 12, 2022 Business Meeting, Jerry Mathern, Dr. Car B. Rator, shared his expertise with a technical seminar on rebuilding the Model A Water Pump. 


March 2022 - Tillotson Carburetor Repair and Restoration Seminar

Immediately following our Club Business Meeting on Saturday, February 2, 2022, our Club member (and author) David Hatch, ably assisted by his wife Charlotte, presented a Tillotson Carburetor Repair and Restoration Seminar.


February 2022 - Officer Installation and Silent Auction

Saturday, January 8, 2022 immediately following our Club Business Meeting, members met to enjoy our traditional Banquet, Silent Auction, and Officer Installation.


Photographs of past club activities below. 

To enlarge a photograph, click on it. After viewing the photo, click on it to return to this page.


Rand Road Trip - October 2021

On Saturday, October 9, Henry’s Lady Model A Club’s new Tour Coordinator Chairman, John Firth, guided Model A enthusiasts (tourists) out for a picnic at Rand Recreation Site and Boat Ramp, near Galice. Our traditional October tour to the Galice Resort was not an option this year since sadly it burned down last June. But since we have all enjoyed the drive along our beautiful Rogue River through the years, we decided to change only the destination, not the route.  Options for lunch in that area are limited, so we brought our lunches and chairs and parked near the river at the Rand Boat Ramp.  It was a flawless Indian summer day and we enjoyed the scenic drive, although we were a bit too early for the fall colors this year.  Our newest members, Tim Ross and Janet Kepley, also joined us in their 30 Coupe.  Other members present were: Dave Williams, Bob Fleischman, Art and Grace Peary, Mike and Debbie McKey, and John and Nancy Firth.  


When turning into the picnic area, folks on the tour witnessed proof that Model A’s can “STOP ON A DIME”, as Art did an emergency stop behind John’s car which lacked brake lights at that moment! 



Tri-Chapter Gymkhana - August 2021
2021 Gymkhana 12.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 9.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 0 Title.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 5.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 2.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 1.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 6.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 8.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 3.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 7.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 15.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 4.jpg
2021 Gymkhana 14.jpg
Hubley Roadster Pickup

Last Updated 4/28/2022 

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