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Last Updated 07/27/2023 

Our Club Members are great writers and they've got stories to tell! Click on a story title to read in PDF. 

Highlights of the 2023 Oregon Tour Story by Mike McKey (July 2023, SOJACC/SOMTC Newsletter)
Wiring in Turn Signals Made Easy Story by Mike McKey (Feb 2023, SOJACC/SOMTC Newsletter)
Model A Oregon old license plates Story by John Bernardo (2022)
Dale's Show and Tell  Story by Dale Waldron (originally published in Henry’s Lady Rogue Ramblings Volume 30,  Number 4, April 2022)
Todd’s Model A Ford Expanded Addiction   Story by Todd Calvert (November 2022)
Wikkerink's Kansas Clipper   Story by Bob Wikkerink (originally published in MAFCA The Restorer, May/June 1995, submitted by Kitsy Wikkerink and Jim Wikkerink May 2022)
Legendary Ladies   Story by Kitsy Wikkerink (originally published in the Restorer, 2014)
June 2022 Gold Rush Parade   Story by Mike McKey (June 2022)
Memories of Yesteryear: Where Is It?   Story by Bob Hughes
Memories of Yesteryear: Rotten Wood   Story and Photos by Bob Hughes (April 2022)
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