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Last Updated 05/15/2024 



Our Chapter Library contains both printed media (books and magazines) and video media (VHS tapes and DVD's).

View the list of PRINT media in our chapter library

View the list of VIDEO media in our chapter library


Our Chapter Library is MOBILE and AVAILABLE!

To borrow something from the library, please contact Art Peary, Club Librarian. 

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New Acquisition!

The Beginner's Guide to the Model 'A' Ford 1928-1931


The MAFCA website has many Model A-related publications and DVDs. There's also a list of the tables of contents of each of the volumes of the "How To Restore Your Model A" series. If you're interested in the Model A Instruction Book that came with each car, there's a page on the MAFCA website for that as well: Instruction Books

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